Spinach and Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms with Breadcrumbs

Spinach Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms
So I know some of you don’t like mushrooms a whole lot, and I hear you. I couldn’t stand them for the longest time. But this recipe, I guarantee you, will change your perception of mushrooms once and for all! And if you’re trying to cut down on meat the way I do and have more veggies in your diet, mushrooms are the way to go. They are the perfect meat replacement with their bold umami flavor. To me, stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetizer!
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Corn Guacamole with Tomatoes and Lime

Corn Guacamole
My husband and I lived in California for 5 years and I remember eating avocados almost everyday! They’re so good for you and I just love the smooth and creamy texture. I would always make a simple guacamole dip along with some veggie sticks as my midday snack. For this recipe, I wanted to amp it up a bit by adding in some sweet yellow corn, red cherry tomatoes and lime juice. So delicious!
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Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips
I love sweet potatoes. Whether they’re made into fries, oven roasted or mashed, I can’t get enough. Oh and they’re also super healthy, so there’s nothing not to like! This recipe is really easy and all you need is ONE sweet potato, olive oil, salt and pepper. That’s it! But I strongly advise to have a mandoline for making homemade chips, using a knife will take forever. A mandolin is a lifesaver when slicing up super thin veggies.
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Oven Baked Buttermilk Chicken Strips

Buttermilk Chicken Strips
One night at my friend Diana’s apartment, she made this amazing buttermilk roast chicken for dinner. The chicken was so juicy and delicious, I just had to make it at home myself! I cook this recipe quite often and will never EVER get tired of it. But for a fun twist, I created this mini version of Diana’s recipe using chicken strips that are marinated in a similar buttermilk brine, lightly breaded and baked to a golden brown perfection.
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Mini Frittata Cups with Mascarpone and Prosciutto

Mini Frittatas
Muffin tins are great for cooking food other than muffins. To most folks, muffin tins may not seem like the most obvious kitchen tool to invest in, but there’s a whole world of possibilities! They’re great for freezing and saving for later, portion control or if you want to make mini versions of your food. My mini frittata cups was one of Wishful Chef’s most popular recipes of 2012 and the perfect breakfast or brunch dish to make the night before. You could even freeze and warm them up for breakfast in the morning. See the original recipe with updated images below.

If I had to name the perfect breakfast dish, I’d probably say frittatas. If you’ve never had a frittata before, it’s a simple Italian egg dish much like an omelet. I love making it because it’s so simple and you can use whatever ingredients you want. For this recipe I added a little twist and put each frittata into its own cup using a muffin tin. And continuing my recent mascarpone binge (pasta & tiramisu), I’ve also added a few dollops of mascarpone cheese and prosciutto to keep with the Italian theme. The result is a fluffy, delicious and satisfying meal.
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Super Simple Roasted Asparagus with Garlic

Roasted Asparagus
I’m ashamed of myself. All this time posting recipes and only ONE asparagus recipe. I LOVE asparagus and cook it quite often so I’m a bit shocked I only posted one. So here’s a quick, fail-safe dish I eat for lunch, dinner and even breakfast with a poached egg. It’s simple and ready in only 15 minutes from start to finish!
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