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My name is Barbie, I’m a Brooklyn-based graphic designer who is obsessed with anything food related. I originally started this blog to connect to other food lovers out there and to showcase the dishes I would serve on my menu if I were a Chef.

Feel free to reach out to me directly or leave a comment on one of my posts. Comments are always appreciated and I try to respond to most of them.

Me and My Cooking

I am Filipino. Born in Philadelphia, USA. Married to a German. We’ve lived in San Diego and Los Angeles. Now we’re back East in New York City…Brooklyn to be exact and I’m loving it here. I have no formal training in cooking, but these places are my influences.

Rarely do I say no to a certain type of food or cuisine. I love trying new foods and believe it is the best way to learn about different cultures. When I travel, I pretty much eat everything! At home I try to prepare some of these dishes with my own twist.

My recipes are simple using high quality, fresh ingredients whenever possible. I’m not vegetarian, however, I try to cook healthy dishes with a focus on whole grains and vegetables. In some of my recipes, I treat meat like a garnish but I do cook an occasional steak or burger.

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Traveling through South France

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  1. luz uson lopezdee says

    you look PILIPINO to me…are you? i am…and i love chickpeas..healthy food is great as we PILIPINOS grew up with mostly fried foods.

    you must have an exciting career as a graphic designer…

    can you speak tagalog?

    • says

      Hey, thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, I am Pilipino but was born in the US. Unfortunately not fluent in tagalog but I understand quite a bit.

      Hope you enjoy the recipes, I have a few filipino ones as well.

  2. Heidi says

    Just found your site-and I can tell I’m going to be stopping by a lot. You cook the way I love to eat! I’m a sahm of 4 in San Diego-and I’m always on the hunt for delicious, fresh, healthy foods with an ethnic flair. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Heidi 🙂 So happy you enjoy my way of cooking!

      I used to live in San Diego and I think the time I spent there has definitely influenced my cooking. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  3. says

    Hi Barb,

    I am so happy I stumble upon your dish on tastspotting. Then one dish led to another, pin after pin and I am sure I will be stopping by more often for really awesome recipes. I added you to my blogroll in my blog for an easy bookmark.

    I am also Filipino and I am so happy to find a fellow Pinay having this much success in her blog. Mabuhay. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Janis,

      Thank you so much for your nice comment and adding me to your blogroll! Your photos are lovely, especially the images of your daughter, adorable. Thanks for taking the time to browse my recipes and please keep in touch!

      Salamat 🙂

  4. Nisha says

    Hi! i just found your blog after searching for baked turkey meatballs. What a great site, I love the pictures and all the healthy recipes. I am sure I will be checking your blog regularly. Thanks!!

  5. says

    Your blog is beautiful and your recipes look delicious and nutritious. So looking forward to following your blog and trying many of your recipes.

  6. Celestine McD says

    Hello Barbie… Just came across your site while searching for a recipe for Flan. I misread it and used 1 teaspoon of vanilla instead of the 1 tablespoon that u have listed. It came out perty good though. I too am filipino, but sadly don’t speak tagalog. Born and raised in SoCal (San Bernardino area), and have been living here in PA for the past 19 yrs. We’re just north east of Philly in Bucks Co. Looking forward to reading what’s on your “Recipe Index”. Did I see that you’re on FB as well?

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