Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips
I love sweet potatoes. Whether they’re made into fries, oven roasted or mashed, I can’t get enough. Oh and they’re also super healthy, so there’s nothing not to like! This recipe is really easy and all you need is ONE sweet potato, olive oil, salt and pepper. That’s it! But I strongly advise to have a mandoline for making homemade chips, using a knife will take forever. A mandolin is a lifesaver when slicing up super thin veggies.

I didn’t bother peeling the sweet potato but feel free if you don’t like the tough exterior. My baking method is slow and on a low heat setting. This helps prevent burning the chips. Top with a sprinkle of herbs or bacon salt.

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips

Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips

  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Heat the oven to 275°F. Set a wire rack on a large baking sheet and set aside.

Thinly slice the sweet potato on a mandoline about 1/8-inch thick. Toss together the slices with olive oil in a bowl, making sure each slice is coated well. Season with salt and pepper.

Place the slices on the wire rack in a single layer. Bake for about 50 minutes, flipping the chips halfway through baking, until golden and crisp. Cool for a few minutes before serving.

Total Time: 75 minutes
Yield: makes about 4 cups
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    • says

      Thanks, Jasmine! I would store them in a container with a lid.. But you might not have to since they might be gone soon after you bake them! That’s what happened with us 😉

  1. Deanna says

    I made these on my Spring Break, and they were phenomenal! I was extremely pleased with myself and this recipe.
    I used a knife and cut them individually, which made them really thick, thus making me stick them in the oven for an additional hour. (still came out perfect!) I definitely will find a mandoline next time.

    • says

      That’s great, Deanna! I’m so happy this turned out well for you. But yes, I would try to use a mandoline next time to make things easier. 😉 Thanks for your comment!

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