10 Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving Sides

10 Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving SidesThe countdown to Thanksgiving is well under way, only a few more days left. As we’re all busy trying to figure out how best to prepare the turkey, you should definitely not neglect the side dishes for the big meal. Whether you’re hosting or just bringing food to someone’s house, the sides are where you can be creative. For this roundup I’ve selected some of my favorites that are really easy to prepare so you should have no problem whipping up a few of these, not just one! [Read more…]

GrubKit Launch! Everyday Maven Healthy Dessert Sampler

Everyday Maven recipe cardIf you follow this blog, you have heard me talk about my food business GrubKit. We deliver recipe kits that come with pre-measured, non-perishable ingredients accompanied by easy-to-follow cooking instructions. I have featured my own recipes like Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Pad Thai. We also carry General Tso’s and Kung Pao Chicken kits from popular food blogger Diana Kuan from AppetiteForChina.com. You can find those kits and more here. For our latest recipe kit we teamed up with Alyssa Brantley of EverydayMaven.com. Click to read and check out more photos!
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Garlic Peanuts (Pritong Mani) and Pictures from our Trip to the Philippines

Garlic Peanuts“It’s more fun in the Philippines!”. That’s the official tagline for the Philippines and I must say, it really IS true! Our trip was filled with amazing food, great company, sunshine, laughter, and yes, fun…I miss it already. Like in most countries, food plays an integral part of the culture, and the Philippines is no exception. Filipino cuisine has its differences from region to region with a strong emphasis on seafood, pork and local tropical fruits and vegetables like coconuts, mangoes and leafy greens. The cuisine is always evolving from its own origins along with influences in Asian, Spanish and American dishes.
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Philippines 2013

philippinesHello friends! Just a quick update, I’m off for vacation to the Philippines to visit family, travel and do some recipe ‘testing’. I’ll be gone for a few weeks, so you’ll see new posts up in March. Hopefully I can share my experience along with a few recipes from my trip with you all. See you soon!

Holiday Recipe Roundup 2011

Clockwise from top left: Baked Turkey, Mizuna Salad, Brussels Sprouts, Duck Breast, Asian Beans, Mulled Wine

Looking for last minute holiday recipes? Well, it’s not too late! Below is a collection of delicious and easy meals to serve during the holidays. So if you haven’t already planned out what you’re making and still need a few ideas, here you go!

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