Glühwein – German Mulled Wine

German Mulled WineIt is freezing outside! Below 30F here in NYC and I can’t think of anything better to keep me warm than Glühwein, a German-style mulled wine. One of my favorite recipes of 2011, see the original recipe with updated images below.

Christkindl markets, or German Christmas markets, are street markets with various stalls celebrating Christmas time. Glühwein, literally “glow wine” or German mulled wine, is served at special stands at Christkindl markets throughout Germany and Austria. Mulled wine is a traditional warm beverage combined with different spices, red wine, citrus fruits and sugar. It fills your house with a wonderful aroma and warms you up on a cold winter night. Serve this festive drink during your holiday party!
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Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin Milkshake

Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin MilkshakeSo my pumpkin recipe galore is still going strong! Check out my other recipes here and here. This afternoon I had a chocolate craving and decided to whip up something quick with a little leftover pumpkin puree. A chocolate milkshake sounded perfect. To get this shake thick and creamy I added in some guar gum, a natural thickening agent available at health food stores or online.
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Summer Rosé Sangria

Summer Rose SangriaWho doesn’t love a delicious sangria during the summer? It’s so easy to make and super refreshing. I’ve made a few red wine-based sangria recipes in the past but I wanted to change it up and try to recreate a recipe from a restaurant we went to recently (if you’re ever in NYC, try out the amazing Sangria at “The Standard Grill” right under the High Line Park).
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