Green Smoothies – Your Daily Vitamins in One Delicious Drink

Green smoothies have had a tremendous impact on my life. I attribute my change in diet, love for vegetables, and overall well-being – at least in part – to my daily consumption of green smoothies. I lost weight and junk food cravings without even trying. And my improved blood tests were further proof of the power of green smoothies. I really have to give credit to Victoria Boutenko and her two books Green For Life and The Green Smoothie Revolution.  Her story has been such an inspiration and the books are a great source for smoothie recipes. I’m planning on regularly posting my favorite recipes and some of them are based on Victoria’s books.

What’s so brilliant about green smoothies? Well, we all love regular fruit smoothies already, so why not add greens, a nutrient-filled super food. When mixed right, the smoothie will taste refreshing and fruit will tone down the “green” taste so it’s more palatable. One cup of green smoothie can have almost the entire recommended daily intake of vitamins A, K, and several other nutrients (see table below for spinach) including fiber, magnesium, and calcium. Additional vitamin C and Fiber comes from whole fruits (yes, keep the skin and even seeds) that are part of most smoothies.

Nutritional Information for Spinach | Source:

To truly enjoy green smoothies, one key tool I highly recommend you to invest in is a high quality blender: Vitamix or Blendtec are the two best choices here. We own a Blendtec. It isn’t cheap, but I wholeheartedly recommend this blender, it’ll be the last blender you have to buy! You can use it for all kinds of recipes, from sorbets to soups (the blender even heats up the soup through friction), and the occasional electronic gadget you need to blend.

Here are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes:

For a complete list of all recipes, visit my green smoothie index.

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